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We're in the midst of the biggest civil rights movement since the 1960s AND a global pandemic.


If you're in the streets marching, or supporting the movement online, or even just reading/sharing the news, your stress response is being triggered over and over daily.


You may be finding it hard to sleep. (In my hometown of Portland, it's extra hard to sleep at night with helicopters thrumming overhead and sounds of flashbangs and gas canisters being fired in the streets.) 

You're likely on the fast path to burnout. Burnout doesn't always look like quitting, or even slowing down. Sometimes it looks like your wellbeing deteriorating day by day as you "push through". 

You need to rest and recharge. That's why I've compiled a list of meditation and sleep aids to help you get the rest you need. I'm not affiliated with any of these, and I don't make money from them. I've just used them personally so I can heartily recommend them.

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