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360 Love Notes

My 30th birthday project for which I enlisted friends and strangers to collectively mail 360 love notes (one for each month I had been alive).


  • I supplied custom pre-stamped postcards that people could personalize and write their love notes on.

  • Each card had a URL that sent the recipient to my website where they could request cards of their own to send, keeping the domino effect of love going.

  • Love notes aren't just for romance! I encouraged people to send notes of appreciation to coworkers and thoughtful missives to friends.

  • I expected it to take a month, but I was out of all 360 cards in just 72hrs!

  • My favorite love note: a card written by a pregnant woman to her unborn child. She put it in his baby book so that he could read it in the future.

two boxes + one iphone +

a free day for two filmmakers to goof around =

The Robotanist's

Day Out

a short about a robot who loves plants


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