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Yoga with Robin Vada


REGULAR SCHEDULE:  Livestream on Zoom at 9:00am (pacific)



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Access to my live online classes on Mondays. 9am Pacific Time.

Monday classes are 1 hour.

$5 / class

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Access to my online classes on Saturdays. 9am Pacific Time.

Saturday classes are 90 minutes.

$5 / class




Access to ALL online classes on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY, & SATURDAY. 9am Pacific Time.

Weekday classes are 1 hour.

Saturday classes are 90 minutes.

$4 / class

Having financial hardship? Email me for a scholarship. Don't let money be a barrier to your wellbeing.

After you subscribe, you'll use this link to attend a class.

You'll use the passcode I email to you!

Class Packages


"These classes are awesome and are definitely keeping me sane."

"I so appreciate these classes. It’s the perfect start to the day!!"

"Robin's classes are the perfect level of challenge and empowering mindset. She sets a calming, relaxing tone and gives very clear cueing, which I appreciate so much!"

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About Me

I believe that: 1. chocolate cake is good for the soul, 2. the ability to laugh at yourself is the most important skill for meditation, 3. should is a dirty word.

I've been teaching yoga and meditation for 10 years, and practicing for much longer. 

I spent the first 20 years of my life as a tightly-wound straight-A student, and have spent the second 20 years learning to lighten up. 

My spirituality is more practical than "woo-woo." My teaching is firmly rooted in the traditional 8 Limbs of Yoga, and my worldview is rooted in science.

I focus my classes on emotional well being because I teach from firsthand experience. I live with OCD (the clinical kind, not the colloquial "I'm a neat freak" kind), and am 18-years-recovered from an eating disorder. My personal yoga practice helps me gracefully surf those choppy emotional waters instead of sinking in them. In other words, I'm not only the Hair Club for Men President, I'm also a client. (Click the link to get the joke if you weren't alive in the 80s.)​


When I'm not teaching yoga I'm making art. I'm a professional filmmaker, actor, musician and poet.

Who Am I

My Teachers

I'm grateful to have learned (and continue to learn) from some of the best teachers I can imagine.


  • I earned my yoga teacher certification from Tiffany Cruikshank, founder of Yoga Medicine, in 2009-2010. My foundational sequencing and love of core work are legacies of her influence.

  • My mentor for the past decade has been Dina Lang, owner of Santosha Yoga. Her grounded spirituality and depth of practice consistently inspire me.


  • I've studied the works of Thich Nhat Hanh (creator of "Engaged Buddhism" who was nominated by Martin Luther King Jr. for the Nobel Peace Prize during the Vietnam War) and was lucky enough to go on retreat with him in 2013.  His deep embodiment of tenderness, and his emphasis on developing a friendly relationship with your own emotions had a deep impact on my personal practice and my teaching.

  • I'm an avid reader of Pema Chodron, whose magnum opus is (in my opinion) her book "Practicing Peace In Times of War." Her work in the field of vulnerability and sitting with discomfort informs a great deal of my teaching. 

My Teachers
I have a Blast Making these pre-recorded sample classes For Y'all, but it's  even more fun When We Get to Practice Together in Realtime!
Sample Classes

Did your life or financial circumstances change? I get it. These things happen. It's easy to unsubscribe if you need to. The button above will open an email to me so that you can let me know. You'll continue to have class access for the rest of the month you've already paid for. Your cancellation will take effect with the upcoming billing cycle.

Is it time to modify your subscription? That's cool. The button above will open an email to me. Let me know which plan you want to change to. I'll change it for you on the Paypal backend, and then you'll need to confirm the change. Payment changes will take effect during the upcoming billing cycle. 

Reach out anytime!


P.S. Remember your tech support team is just me, so please communicate with patience and love and I'll do the same!

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