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Robin Vada

The things I direct tend to have an innate sense of playfulness and rhythm. I love choreography, whether it's for a dance video, an action scene, or physical comedy. As a professional actor myself, I truly enjoy working with actors to create truthful performances.

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I know what it takes to build a fake football field in a studio, to cast and wrangle 40 talent at a time, to shoot a feature film, to schedule 15 locations in 5 days, or 20 recipe demos in one day, to properly film a touch screen, to work with kids of all ages... and have fun doing it.

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Robin Vada


Narrative, Music Video, Documentary, Commercial

I have an earnest drive to contribute to the overall stock of joy and kindness in the world. 

An advocate for women and underrepresented filmmakers, I co-founded Adventuress Films on the belief that inclusivity matters, both on screen and on crew.

The most recent music video I co-directed, Anna Tivel's "The Question", takes a journey into the inner experience of a trans woman. It is currently touring the festival circuit.


The most recent feature film I produced, an LGBTQ love story called The Falls Covenant of Grace, is streaming on Amazon and released as a box set.


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